In celebration of the rise of ipTV with emergance of Broadcast Machine, Youtube and a trillion independant productions pouring across the WWW, V A C U U M gets out of its jar with a series of new and old favorites for your AV self.

To all those employed in videotaping us from every roof, cop van and supermarket in the name of security. To all those who forbid us to videotape them and their premises in the name of private property. To those who pollute every inch of our view with meaningless advertising text and image and then forbid us to write on the walls. To those who bombard us with visual information but forbid us to reproduce that information in the name of copywright. To those who censor, suppress and restrict the transmission and exhibition of film and video in the name of public safety.

The No Wave underground replaces security with curiousity. Our visions cannot be owned, blinded or erased. The proliferation of cheap cinematic and televisual technology will transform cinema from a mass spectacle to a street corner conversation. You might as well try to copywright sight. We will take your frigid surfaces and reconstruct them as a town on fire. Inside the bulb, before the sail, nothing is for nothing VACUUM.

If you want to see no budget underground film and video on collected dureing the last 10 years, well thats no problem...! Have a look at this lot.

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MALDOROR "the last film ever made"

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